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Pure Property Décor

Air Humidifier Crystal Himalayan Light

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The oil diffuser comes with a DIY outer cover and natural salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. It releases negative ions when the diffuser is used for essential oils, thus removing unsavory smells from the air, purifying and creating a relaxing environment..

  • The oil diffuser is covered in natural salt crystals. When the light is on, the salt is heated and can effectively suppress a particular smell in the air and cleanse the air. The salt lamp diffuser provides your home and office with a unique atmosphere.
  • This personal humidifier with 7 color shifting LED lights can create a cozy and romantic environment.
  • It not only helps to adjust the dry air in the air-conditioned room, but also hydrates your skin, alleviates nasal congestion, and purifies the air, keeps you healthy all the time.
  • SIZE: 96.5x96.5x112.5mm