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Silk Pillowcase Hypoallergenic

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Beneficial for your hair and skin... Giving you a good night’s sleep 

  • We use 100% high-quality silk for our silk pillow cases, Silk fabric contains 18 amino acids that are believed to effectively stimulate your skin cells' metabolism. 
  • A silk pillowcase is immensely luxurious, and it won't rub away night creams and serums either.
  • Cotton or coarser materials absorb the moisture from your hair or leave imprints on your face, while silk does not. 
  • Silk's composition naturally balances temperature, allowing you to warm up in the cold and cool down in the heat.
  • Dermatologists and hairstylists recommend using a Silk Pillowcase
  • Material: top real silk + back polyester

  • Size: 48X74